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Friday. The Day for Teams. And Big Dreams.

By Pete Gregory

Unfortunately Trinity's frogbox wasn't working on Saturday when Dan and I turned the game with 23 runs in 5 balls. But attached is a clip of the big fella completing a sharp run out earlier in the season.

No frogbox at frog means there's no footage of Al Wilkie snagging a key pole in a ripper spell that brought him one wicket closer to breaking the club's all time record. With two wickets left to surpass Neill Hocking's tally of 602 Al is suiting up for the ones again tomorrow at the home of cricket Hays Paddock. Do not miss this moment in Deener history. With strong rumours Neill is preparing for a mega tilt at the vets in the second half of the year, Al will need to strike while the iron's hot.

The T20 is back on Tuesday with the Deeners at home against St Kevin's OC. A T20 at Hays is always a tremendous way to while away a summer's evening and the Deeners can still mathematically qualify for the quarter finals if we win by about 10,000 runs.

Ian Metcalfe's memorial was held on Tuesday with quite a few Deener families in attendance. If you would like to watch the memorial you can still view it at this link: Some of Ian's friends and teammates left tributes to Ian on the Deeners facebook page. Click on the link to see them and add your own if you choose: Now that the twos and threes are back on deck all senior players will wear black armbands this weekend in Ian's honour.

In team news Michael Seeley plays his first game in the ones for a few years after piling on a mountain of runs in the magoos. Seels joins his great mate Al Wilkie - both aging like fine wines! This means that son Will Seeley takes the gloves in his first game in the twos. Well done Michael and Willba - what a red letter day for the Seeley family! Nikhil "Killa" Hendewa lines up in the Mighty Threes for his fourth game in 7 days after playing in the elite U/15 J G Craig Shield all week. Oh, to be young again. Speaking of not young, the Vets resume on Jan 22. Teams below:

1st XI vs Burwood Utg Canterbury @ Hays Paddock

H. Riddle (c)

B. Riddle

A. Hocking

S. Julyan

M. Seeley

A. Kyrkou

C. Menz

Pa. Gregory

Pe. Gregory (vc)(+)

Al. Wilkie

K. Kapoor

2nd XI vs Knox Churches @ Knox Park Reserve (Oval 1 - South)

J. Achal

A. Soeny

C. Burnham

D. Goyal

K. Balhara (c)

N. Madan

R. Gurumoorthy

D. Hagger

W. Seeley (+)

J. Atkins

Y. Sharma

3rd XI vs Kew @ Hays Paddock (North)

J. Hickie

T. Mullaly (+)

N. Hendehewa

K. Kukreja

S. Underhill (vc)

A. Thomson (c)(+)

D. Mannion Wild

A. Gaur

A. Robertson

R. Ellis

M. Ross.


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