Club Policies

Member Protection Policy

 The purpose of this policy is to provide clarity and comfort to any club member that their concerns will be heard and acted on.

 We have taken the step to appoint Michael Seeley as our Member Protection Officer (MPO) to ensure there is a clear path for anyone involved in the club who feels they have been mistreated in any way to have the issue heard and rectified as swiftly as possible. 

 Our incident management process is underpinned by the philosophy that all our members want to provide an environment where everyone feels safe and protected from any vilification or bullying at the club.

 If you or your child feels something has happened to make them uncomfortable or unwelcome in any form the following process is to be undertaken.

 i. Report the incident that has made you or your child uncomfortable to the MPO (Michael Seeley – or 0412 207 577)

ii. If you’re happy to speak directly with the person who committed the act that made you uncomfortable – we advise you do so – with the MPO present, as soon as possible. We expect this discussion to take place in a respectful tone, with genuine intent for actionable resolution.

iii. Following mediation between the two parties a follow up meeting within a fortnight should be organised to ensure the actions agreed on have been implemented to the comfort of all parties.

iv. If you feel you haven’t had appropriate response or action taken on your complaint the matter will be referred to committee for further discussion – and actionable outcomes. 


The Deener Way

 a)            We are doing a lot of work to continue to enjoy a club that is welcoming to people of any background, inclusive and diverse in it’s make up

b)            We want to ensure the club remains a sport for all, across players, administrators, volunteers and supporters

c)            We embrace the ‘spirit of cricket’ and it’s values – including but not limited to Respect for;

  • Opponents and their club members
  • our own team mates, administrators, officials, supporters and volunteers
  • the role of the umpires
  • the game and its traditional values  

d)            We’re a family club – surviving on the input of everyone – from parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, coaches, and administrations. It will be expected that at some stage during the year a family member will provide assistance in a voluntary capacity in line with their experience – (support and education will be made available where required)

e)            We like our 1st XI to be fiercely competitive and motivated by winning every time they take the field – but underpinning our club culture is enjoying the company of team mates and club members beyond the boundary line. We want our members to enjoy their involvement off the pitch as well as on it.